Delastek announces expansion in Advance Industrial Park Querétaro

2019-06-03 - Advance

The company Delastek announced the start of a second stage of construction of its plant installed in the Advance Querétaro Industrial Park, with which Delastek expects greater economic growth and aeronautical development in the state.  

Its operations in Querétaro began in 2016 with an investment of 5 million dollars that generated an approximate of 50 new jobs in that industry.

Now the Canadian firm plans a new investment of 3 million dollars for 2019, which will give the opportunity to offer more jobs and work with vision of increasing sales for the Mexican market in the aerospace industry.

For the new stage, Delastek announced the purchase of automatic autoclave and –axis robots to make composite materials and the acquisition of two CNC 4 axes to make the machining of aluminum parts, which will increase its current production and continue to serve customers as Bombardier.

During the visit of Governor Francisco Domínguez Servién to Canada last March, the new stage of the project was launched and stressed that the expansion of Deslastek will mean an increase in the number of workers related to the production of aircraft cabins in Querétaro and said: “It is a pleasure to come to Shawinigan and to notice the great confidence that Delastek has towards Querétaro.  

In the last five years, the aerospace sector has led the development of Queretaro, with an average growth of 17% per year and according to the Secretariat of Sustainable Development of the State of Querétaro, aerospace industry in the state had the highest growth of the sector in the country thanks to factors such as education, development of local suppliers, joint ventures and the promotion of innovation and technological development.  

Delastek, which since 1984 has been dedicated to the production of aircraft cabins, composite materials, aluminum and plastics, now opens a new opportunity so that Queretaro continues to increase its competitive advantage in this sector national level.